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Listen to your music, simple and free

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What's on EmptyV?


Well, you know that EmptyV is a music app, that’s why you can find thousands of songs here. Listen to your favourite music, discover new songs and artists, build your music collection.


Build your own playlists or discover other user’s playlists.

New Releases

Discover the latest single albums. Find out which one is popular. Check the Top 50.

Simple Interface

Save to your Music

If you found a track you like, with a simple click you can save it into your music.

Artist/Track Radio

Either from each Artist page or Track, you can choose to listen a radio mode playlist, based on your selection.


Choose to show the lyrics from the option of each track.


If you know what you are looking for, you can search it. Also you can search inside all the sections, Top 50, New Releases, Your Music etc.

Start listening to your music the way you like!