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This video of Keith Flint hugging disabled fans at festival, reminds us of the frontman’s big heart

As the music world pays tribute to Keith Flint, we remember just one of the many reasons why he was such a incredible frontman

Following the news of the death of The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, aged 49, a video has surfaced of the music legend making his way to the wheelchair stage and hugging disabled fans at a festival.

The Prodigy were performing at Qstock festival in Oulu, Finland in 2016 when the ‘Firestarter’ vocalist made his way to the middle of the crowd, climbing over metal barriers and straight into the path of very excited fans.

As he bops to the music he can be seen hugging, high-fiving, and posing for photos with fans in wheelchairs on a raised area who are bursting with excitement.

His enthusiasm and energy and is palpable, and the happiness he brings to those fans is a fitting reminder of what a passionate performer he was.

As the band’s only time performing at Qstock, the 17-song setlist and interactive performance certainly made it one to remember for fans.

Prodigy members Liam Howlett and Maxim Reality described the Flint as “A true pioneer, innovator and legend.”

Tributes have poured in from bands and performers who were touched by his legacy.

Suede bassist Matt Osman said: “We played a LOT of festivals with them in the 90s and i always loved the moment when this quiet, chatty guy from backstage stepped out onto the stage and just transformed into this kind of monstrous ringmaster.

“And, if you WERE playing a festival with The Prodigy, fuck, you had to bring your A game…”

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“This is a brilliant – and brilliantly brutal – collection; pulsing dance music that, for all its heaviness and techno sensibilities, retains a glimmer of pop accessibility because it’s so well pieced together and just so much fucking fun,” NME wrote of the Prodigy in a five star review.

Watch the touching video below.

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