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Taj Jackson defends Uncle Michael’s honour as child sex documentary airs in Britain

Taj Jackson defends Uncle Michael's honour as child sex documentary airs in Britain

Michael Jackson's nephew has flown to the U.K. and Ireland to dismiss child sex allegations raised in the damning new documentary Leaving Neverland, insisting he wouldn't be there if he had any doubts the accusers might be right.

Taj Jackson described the Leaving Neverland film, which depicts his uncle as a scheming paedophile, as "one-sided", telling RTE Radio in Ireland he wouldn't have made the trip if there was a shred of evidence against the King of Pop.

Speaking hours before the hard-hitting documentary hit screens throughout Britain on Wednesday night (06Mar19), Taj told Sean O'Rourke he knows the film's accuser Wade Robson is lying about his experiences with his late uncle.

"You know your family," he said. "I spent thousands of hours with my uncle Michael… I wouldn't have flown to the U.K. to defend him if I thought for one instant that he was guilty."

Asked about the King of Pop's famous sleepovers with young fans at his Neverland Ranch home in Santa Barbara, California, Taj said, "It wasn't only boys, it was girls, it was cousins, it was everyone… but also my uncle would give them the bed and he'd sleep on the floor. I know what it sounds like, I'm not oblivious to what it sounds like."

The Jackson family spokesperson also urged those checking out the documentary, which debuted in the U.S. at the weekend (03Mar19) to research Victor Gutierrez, who wrote a book titled Michael Jackson Was My Lover.

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"If you are a fan, you sat for four hours and watched a documentary; the least you can give us is 10 minutes," he told O'Rourke.

Earlier this week, Taj told TMZ accuser Robson is only taking aim at his uncle because he didn't land a spot in the King of Pop's Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

"Wade has changed his story about four different times," Taj told the outlet. "He went to the memorial for my uncle, he did tribute shows left and right, and the minute he did not get MJ One, he all of sudden started writing a book on the down low. No one wanted to buy the book and then all of a sudden he comes up with all these allegations."

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