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Billie Eilish teases new track ‘Wish You Were Gay’ – coming today

"Don't say I'm not your type, just say I'm not your preferred sexual orientation,"

Billie Eilish has teased fans by confirming the release of ‘Wish You Were Gay’, the latest track from her upcoming debut album.

Posting on Instagram, the singer confirmed that the track will arrive at 9am PT (5PM GMT) today and shared a brief sample of fans can expect from the latest offering.

“Don’t say I’m not your type, just say I’m not your preferred sexual orientation,” Eilish sings on the track.

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“wish you were gay” OUT 9AM PT. TOMORROW BE REEEAAADY

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Meanwhile, Eilish recently discussed how her experiences with crippling night terrors had shaped the sound of her debut album.

The singer, who will release ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’, told Zane Lowe: “The album is basically what happens when you fall asleep. For me, in every song in the album there’s sleep paralysis. There’s night terrors, nightmares, lucid dreams.”

Eilish went on to describe how she had suffered with night terrors herself: “I’ve always had really, really bad night terrors. I’ve had sleep paralysis five times. All my dreams are lucid so I control them.

“I know that I’m dreaming what I’m dreaming, so I don’t even know. Sometimes I’ll have dreams where the thing that was in my dream will happen the next day. It’s so weird. Its’ so weird.”

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Last week, she also revealed that she was keen on a collaboration with Rosalia.

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