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Bebe Rexha ends estrangement with dad over dinner in Manhattan

Bebe Rexha ends estrangement with dad over dinner in Manhattan

Bebe Rexha has made up with her dad over dinner after he blasted her for making a risque video.

The Rexhas became estranged when Flamur took aim at his daughter for her racy Last Hurrah promo, in which Bebe parades around in lingerie.

Last month the singer posted and then deleted a screen grab of a furious text from her dad, in which he wrote: "You better stop posting stupid pornography because you make me sick. I can't take this anymore. Embarrassed to go in public everywhere I can go. I'm very upset with you, I can't believe it."

She later regretted going public with the correspondence and urged fans to stop attacking her father, stating: "Don't talk s**t about my dad!"

Last week (ends01Mar19), she jetted back to New York for a family showdown and it appears all is now well after TMZ cameras caught Bebe and Flamur arriving at Trattoria Trecolori in Midtown Manhattan on Monday (04Mar19).

Both confirmed the drama was over and they are back on speaking terms.

Ahead of the summit meeting, Bebe admitted she was "scared to go home" after upsetting her dad.

The 29 year old appeared on satellite radio show Morning Mash Up on Thursday and explained that her father hadn't spoken to her for two weeks, since she posted a teaser image from the Last Hurrah video.

"I posted a pic of me in Mexico, and he was also upset because I posted a picture on Instagram of me laying on my bed… suggestive, there was a cross above me," she explained. "I was inspired by Madonna's Like A Prayer (video), it is just art. I think that my dad looks at me like his daughter and I understand. It is like, 'Dad, please do not hate me. It's art'."

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After her dad voiced his disapproval over the snap, Bebe made some changes to the music video out of respect, although it still features a controversial mix of provocative, racy shots and religious imagery.

"I even changed my video up for Last Hurrah, like I changed it up to be a little more respectful for him and my mom. And it's still like, obviously, edgier and it's art, but like, my dad loves me, I love him. I'm just like, scared to go home today."

The pop star also admitted that she began looking into buying her family a house in New Jersey to try and make amends, but confessed that sort of gesture "does not work on my parents", adding, "They don't get phased by any of that."

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